The Finals champion team will go straight to attend DEF CON CTF Finals


Baidu CTF, hosted by Baidu Security, will be held during DEF CON CHINA 1.0 and BCTF 2019 will officially become the pre-qualifier of DEF CON CTF. 11 top-level international teams will be invited to compete in the BCTF finals. At the same time, 10 AI teams selected through BCTF-RHG artificial intelligence sub-station competitions are assembled, which can use OpenRASP, KARMA vulnerability hotfix and other open source technologies from Baidu Security in the automatic attack and defense competitions.
The Finals champion team will go straight to attend DEF CON CTF Finals, and the TOP THREE team will receive cash awards. Curious about the amount? Aha, waiting for you to explore!



All AI teams of BCTF 2019 were selected through three sub-station competitions. All human teams are invited directly (4 members per team) from the world. Champion of the BCTF finals will be directly promoted to the DEFCON CTF Finals.
The competition subjects include web security, reverse analysis and mobile security, binary vulnerability mining, cryptography etc.


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Organizer:Baidu Security